About this Website
This site was moved in June 2017 from lafn.org/~dave to davylawyer.appspot.com since lafn (Los Angeles Freenet) quit on 1 July 2017.

List of folders (index.html) on David S. Lawyer's website:

Transportation folders
Transportation Energy including energy-efficiency of various modes of transportation
Transportation Economics: subsidy to autos and highways, Amtrak, railroads and government
Transportation History: rail-auto-bicycle competition
Bicycle: history, 3-speeds: theory, Styria and Shimano hubs.

Energy folder
Energy (except Transportation Energy). Has "Introduction to Energy Efficiency", Book Review of "Long Emergency", and "Human Energy Accounting"

Government Policy folder
Government Policy has tax, health, world government proposals and the depression: 2007-">

Russia-Soviet Union folder
Overpopulation, Computers, Sex

Unitarian-Universalist Religion folders
Throop Church is an ex-Universalist Church in Pasadena, California, USA
Universalism on the Pacific Coast including history of extinct churches
Unitarian-Universalism in General

Linux folder
Linux including my HOWTOs and personal notes on Linux

Home-Repair folder
Home-Repair Articles on Drilling Out Scale from Galvanized Water Pipe. Unclogging Galvanized Water Pipe. Resurfacing Sprinkler Valve Seats. Gluing back peeling paint.

Miscellaneous Each of these is an article and not a folder.
For Sale by Webmaster Hard-to-find items\ I'm selling
Upper Eaton Canyon History
Electrical problems of 1990 Acura Integra
How Gas Refrigerators Work
Did Nazi Germany murder millions of Jews?
Marilyn Fried (nee Berkowitz) Obituary