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This is for selling (or giving away) some of my personal items that are both hard-to-find and in low demand. Thus they need to be kept listed for years. Contact me at Be sure that the subject heading of the email clearly shows what you might be interested in buying, otherwise the email may be reported as spam.

1987 Acura Integra factory service manual. By Honda Motor Co. First edition 9/86. Printed in Japan. Over 600 pages. $20

Special Wrench for crank cup (on bottom bracket) for DBS Bicycle (purchased about 1975 from Norway). $25

Price of above items includes shipping within the United States.


Tent poles for REI dome tent, probably from 1980's. When assembled, poles are 3@ 159" and 1@ 82". They are aluminum, in short sections with shock-cord in the center which keeps the sections of a pole together when disassembled. Measurement is overall length, including tips (only on long poles) which are 3/4" long resulting in 157 1/2" between eyelets of tent. I bought a used REI tent but got 2 sets of poles. Some are slightly bent (curved) but they work fine. Free, but you need to pay for shipping and handling.