Universalism on the Pacific Coast

by David S.Lawyer mailto:davylawyer1@gmail.com
April 2003 (original January 2001)

Universalism in General
What is Universalism
Why Study Universalist History
Short Bibliography of Universalist History

Universalism on the Pacific Coast, Overview
West Coast Universalism, Introduction
West Coast Universalism

Extinct Universalist Churches in California
First Universalist Church of Los Angeles, History
First Universalist Church of Long Beach (very short)
Universalist Church of Hollywood, History (short)
People's Church of San Fernando Valley, History (very short)
First Universalist Church of Oakland, History (short)

For Churches that became extinct in the 19th century (such as San Francisco and Seattle), see West Coast Universalism

Existing ex-Universalist Churches in Southern California
Throop Memorial Church UU (in Pasadena), History, etc.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Riverside
Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church (in Costa Mesa) (very short)

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Many of the articles listed above are histories of individual Universalist churches on the Pacific Coast (the West Coast) of the United States. The 2 articles about universalism on the Pacific Coast plus the "What it Universalism" were used for a sermon given in 1995 at Throop Church in Pasadena by David S. Lawyer..

"What is Universalism" is intended to be a prelude to "West Coast Universalism". In contrast to most other writings about the Universalist Church, I've focused on the history of individual churches including their rise and fall (or decline). Due to be added is a long history of Universalism on the Pacific Coast prior to 1900.