Notes on Universalist Community Fellowship, Newport Beach/Costa Mesa

David S.Lawyer


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1. Notes

1. Notes

The former Universalist fellowship is now "Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church". This organization was founded in 1953 and met first in the American Legion Hall (Newport Beach ??) and later in the Balboa Bay Club (Newport Beach) until a church building in Costa Mesa was completed in 1960 (reported 87 members). After the merger in 1961, it became a Unitarian-Universalist church but retained it's old name for a while. It's now located at 1959 Victoria St., Costa Mesa, CA.

Today in 2010, it has over 200 members which is roughly 3 times larger than it was at the time of the merger with the Unitarians. But the population of Orange County (where the church is located) grew nearly 4 fold from 1960 to 2000 (0.769 million to 2.8 million). So it's not clear if the church membership grew faster or slower than the population. The University of California at Irvine is only several miles away.

See Orange Coast History for its history on the church's website.