THROOP Unitarian Universalist Church

by David S.Lawyer
2011 (started February 2001)

I once was a member of Throop (Memorial) Church, Unitarian Universalist. Located in Pasadena, California, it is the largest ex-Universalist church building west of the Mississippi River.

Note that what you are now reading is not the official site for Throop Church. The official site is now Throop Website. The former site was". Prior to that the webside at contained which was not put on the current Throop website. There are likely some errors in the documents which I've written about Throop so please let me know about them.

General History
A Brief History of Throop Church by Rev. Paul Sawyer (ex-Throop minister)
Looking Back 50 Years by John C. Cahill in 1936
Throop Church History by David S. Lawyer in 1996
Throop Church History, Notes references and some additional details

Failed Merger Attempt, 1989-1991
The 1990 Merger Fiasco Failed attempt to merge with Neighborhood
Merger Railroading How free debate was stifled
Merger Resolution The resolution we voted on
Merger Opposing Arguments-3rd draft by David S. Lawyer
Merger Opposing Arguments-5th draft by David S. Lawyer

Critical Commentary
Angry Letter to the Editor, 1915 Ex-member criticizes church

Old Articles of Incorporation, 1887
1982 By-Laws
1992 Bylaws (Norman-Naylor)
Open Letter re 1992 Bylaws
Critique of 1992 Bylaws
By-Laws as revised to 1998

Property and Buildings
Throop Church Architecture The Gothic edifice built in 1923

Stained Glass Windows at Throop The outstanding stained glass windows
History of the Building on Los Robles
Structure of the Building on Los Robles
Property Documentation

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