Kitchen Range (kitchen_range)

David S. Lawyer

1994, 2004
The Garland Range in the Kitchen





1.1 Identification

It's a Garland Commercial Range. Co. (800-424-2411) is still in business as of 2004 but doesn't know anything about our old range. It's actually 2 ranges: The left one is a 6 burner with a griddle (2 ovens). The one on the right is just a 6 burner (1 oven). Model numbers are found on metal plates attached to the front above the knobs (and mostly hidden by the stove top sections). The left is model A84-7-NE and the right is B86NE. Garland has discarded their records of these but they possibly exist at the Freeland, PA plant where they were likely manufactured. It may have been made by Michigan Stove Company.

1.2 Dating

The Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC) has recently obtained a Garland Commercial Range (1950) from Julia Childs. Ours is older since the oven has a turn-on separate from the RobertShaw temperature control (thermostat knob with a thermostat behind it). Ours is from the late 1930s ? The RobertShaw automaticook thermostat from the 1920s was much larger that ours.


2.1 Top of Range

Each range has a 3@ removable black stove top sections each with two large holes for the burners and grates (which pots and pans rest on). Each pair of burners has a pull-out crumb tray below it. One of the burner knobs seems to be missing. The shaft size is like a half-circle of dia. 3/8" across flat, but 1/2" dia perpendicular to the flat. The gas supply pipe (manifold) which runs in back of the control panel (with knobs on it) has a burner valve for each burner.

2.2 Pilots

The oven pilots sometimes blow out. To relight a pilot one needs to hold depressed the button on the safety valve under the range. While holding the button depressed, light the pilot with a match. The safety valves were obviously added later to the range and holes were cut in the bottom of the range for them.

Pilot flame size is controlled by screws near top of range (in between knobs). When the adjustment screws are in pairs, the one on the right controls an oven pilot. The left one is for a pilot for a top burner. The large number of pilots generate a lot of heat (too hot in the summer) so the top pilots are turned off. Some pilot tubes (flash tubes) are missing for top burners and all top burner pilots have been shut off (light with a match). If griddle pilots are turned off, warning signs should be put on turn-on knobs to prevent someone from turning on the griddle gas without a pilot. When using the built-in griddle, lift it up to insure that all the burners are lit since sometimes the burners do not fully ignite. Also, the pilots could be out (or turned off).

2.3 Door Springs

The oven door springs are horizontal and under the oven. They are thus easy to replace and have an adjusting nut (7/16 wrench). The rods which link the spring to the door wear at the ends and may elongate so much that the doors don't fully close. the vertical rods are .196" dia and are bent to form hooks at each end. To remove, first loosen the spring with the adjusting nut.

2.4 Extra Griddle

Underneath the range (or outside in 2004) will be found a very heavy (over 100 lb.) large griddle. This may be placed on top of several burners to create a large griddle for pancakes, etc. Its feet sometimes sink into the linoleum which makes it hard to pull out. Be careful not to let it hit the pilot tubing.


3.1 Knobs

Knob shaft is half-round: length of flat 3/8". Flat to edge of half-circle (perpendicular to flat): about 1/4" (not exactly round).

3.2 Stores

Pacific Sales, Van Nuys doesn't carry their parts. What about Coast Appliance? In Huntington Beach, Industrial Electric at 800-457-3787 handles Garland ranges.